Bolton, busted. And on Twitter too.

At last. It’s official. We know who Bolton Deventer is. Minutes ago a tweet was submitted in Bolton-speak, apparently under the wrong user name, and moments later it had been deleted. Highly suspect behaviour, I’d say.

The message appears to have been posted in response to the following tweet from Dave Duarte yesterday:

@boltondeventer Eish, if only we could afford you at #nomadicmarketing conferensie!

And here is the evidence:

Bolton Deventer aka Matthew Buckland

Well done to Simone Puterman, the super-sleuth who spotted the connection. The world will never be the same.

UPDATE: Matthew Buckland is doggedly refusing to admit to his alter ego. This from Twitter:

“matthewbuckland: For zillionth time i am not BD… some very interesting creatives with photoshop there… i have to say… it’s not april 1, is it…?”

“matthewbuckland: @SimoneBiz tsk tsk… u r barking up a tree, leading everyone down the garden path… tsk tsk…”

So, just in case you’re tempted to fall for his stubborn refutation of the truth, we present even further evidence, from a different Twitter account.

Bolton Deventer aka Matthew Buckland

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10 thoughts on “Bolton, busted. And on Twitter too.

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  2. That’s HILARIOUS!

    Turned my day from great to super brilliant!

    LOL – don’t know why I didn’t question him up to now :)


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  4. […] Thanks for visiting!I find it hard to believe, but if you look at twitter messages sent by Matthew – documented by Simone and Kerry-Anne – it looks like HE is Bolton Deventer.  In a nutshell it looks like he posted a tweet from Bolton […]

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  6. Nice one. I have been wondering about this for a couple of days, because every time Matt would post a tweet, about 2 mins later, so would Bolton. Well done on the breakthrough…now to see if he comes clean 😉

  7. @Marc: yes, an analysis of the times shows that @boltondeventer tweets happened just before or after Matt’s tweets…

    But conclusive proof:

    Matt, you’re a drama student – drama runs in your blood – but you’re not fooling me on this one, despite your telephonic protestations that twitter had a technical hiccough and it’s not you! :)

  8. No ways that’s a technical hickup. Twitter has literally hundreds of messages passing through their servers every 10 seconds, what’s the chances? Matthew, sorry man you got pwned. :)

  9. Lol, I was in the room when Bolton ‘died.’ I should be declared a national monument – vernon koekemoer said so

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